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Lisa in Chicago, IL, USA

Massage Therapist

Hello, I'm Lisa, your massage therapist from Chicago. Let me compose a session that heals and creates an experience for you that has a purpose and a moment in time. I can be as deep as your organs during a massage or creating brighter, bigger, spinning chakras with my hands a foot above your body. You will find that I will navigate to areas of your body that need relaxation, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation.

Truly, it is an art. It's working with the human body as the medium; building, sculpting, reforming, clearing, creating. The first massage school I went to was The Chicago College of Healing Arts. My google search of "philosophy" found me the mission statement for this massage school of all things. It talked about learning how to heal yourself before you heal others. I thought, hmmmm, yes! So I blindly attended my fist day in which our teacher wore a tie-die shirt, no shoes, had hands that could crush wood, and looked like Zeus himself! But we started by simply holding a stranger's hands and exploring those subtle sensations over an hour's time. Riveting.

I provide a HEALTH benefit customized to your needs and concerns.

I form a combination of modalities to provide you with what you need. Everything from: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral, Energywork, Deep Tissue, Range of Motion Stretching, Structural Therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Breathing, Reflexology, and Pregnancy.

I hope to do all this in an atmosphere where "unique" and "quality" meet.; working with people who are passionate, thinkers, artists, lyricists, musicians….beautiful. People who use their bodies, definitely their minds, and for sure their spirits.

Massage is about music and movement; the tunes that play during the experience and the melody of the body, the movement of out with the old and in with the new. This is not my job, this is my passion and I can't wait to meet you soon with a smile, empathy, and educated touch.

I am Lisa. I am grounded, random, loving, sensitive, strong, inspired, and honored to be your massage therapist.

Breathe deep, seek peace.


“I just want to let you know I had my session yesterday with Lisa and it was way better than expected. I've had many deep tissue massages since my injury last year and none of the massage therapists have approached the problem from the standpoint she did; treating the entire body, instead of just the area of injury. She found problem areas I was unaware of. I was originally hoping to schedule a session with Jaye because of her proximity to city and especially because of her background in Kinesiology. As a working drummer I had a few questions I was hoping to run past her regarding posture, motion, etc. But, Lisa was really really great! I'm not sure if all of your assistants take the same approach to treatment that she does, but her approach and her tiny hands of steel certain made the trip worth while. Lisa is one of those therapists you take note of and refer to others. Thanks again. ”
Jerry King - Drummer



  • “I want to thank you for coming through these last couple of times Dot. Your team has been completely professional and nothing short of stellar.”
    Luis - Manager of Maxwell
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for another great tour. Your folks were, per usual, wonderful. You provide a great service, and I appreciate it.”
    Manager of Everlast
  • “"We were absolutely delighted with your service- very many thanks. Cheers Simon"”
    Perfume (Japanese Band)
  • “"Heather (Seattle) was awesome...Pain is down from a 9 to about a 2 or 3. By far, one of the best massages I have ever gotten. As usual, you and your Bots rock!"”
    Van Halen Tour Management Mike. M
  • “Thank you for always being able to get people here quickly. It has been a big help.”
    Matthew - Production Coordinator (Lady Gaga)
  • “Thank you for your service and follow up”
    Diana Krall TM Maria
  • “Dr. DOT is the best. She has this ability to relate to everyone somehow and is so passionate about massage, what other boss do you know comes out and does massage, obviously she only hires the best.”
    Jeremy (Bassist of Paramore)
  • “I would never get a massage anywhere else except through Dr. Dot with her team; they are all excellent.”
    Rob Halford (Singer of Judas Priest)
  • “I really liked working with you & the team and I liked how smoothly it went.”
    Kenny S. - Production Manager (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
  • “"Very pleased with the service, cheers Dot"”
    Overtones Tour manager
  • “"Thanks for the prompt service. Amy (Miami) was great!"”
    Paul C. (Tour manager of the Hives)
  • “"Thank you so much. The band was very happy and it was great to have someone show up with such short notice." ”
    Odd Future manager
  • “Rachelle = no more muscle spasms…… You both are my heroes. The rest of the crew is complete agreement. Tom H”
    Three Dog Night TM Tom H.
  • “Clay Hutson Production Manager, Stage Manager, Rigger, Monitor Engineer & More! I have been using Dr. Dots "DotBots" for years. Her girls have seen many of the artists and crew that I have TM/PM'd for. Her girls are always on time, friendly, and professional. You need to make time and room on your tour for Dr. Dot's services. By far the best in the business.”
    Clay Hutson Production Manager (Guns and Roses, Alice in Chains, Staind)
  • “"Hey Dot, All your "bots" we're great. No complaints, and a few were LOVED. JONNY particularly liked the girl in Thackerville OK (Kourtnii), she was strong enough to really reach Jon's tough back issues"”
    Experience Hendrix Tour Manger, Greg
  • “The Dot Bots are awesome. I send one email and one magically appears no matter where we are in the country.”
    Demun - Singer of Rehab
  • “Thanks so much for your help!!! We will be in touch for future tours!”
    Susan, Casting Crowns Tour Manager
  • “"I feel much better since getting massage from Dot-Bots and I am thrilled with my progress. You guys have saved me!"”
    Gypsy, Tour manager of Behemoth
  • “"Once again, Dr Dots comes thru! Thanks!"”
    Victor Wooten PM/TM Jack T.
  • “"My guys were very pleased. Thanks for pulling through last minute"”
    Manchester Orchestra TM Nate
  • “"Service has been very good on this tour. Hanne in Munich was great."”
    Jason Mraz tour manager Matt S.
  • “"Hi Dot, everyone was happy with their massage - so thumbs up! Thanks for arranging for us! Cheers, Yvette"”
    Bon Jovi TMA Yvette
  • “Thank you for all the great therapy over the touring year. I appreciate your professional staff and look forward to working with them again soon.”
    Steve Miller
  • “"Everything was great as always thank you again"”
    Gabriel Iglesias TM Ryan
  • “"Dr. Dot and her team are GREAT; the Dot Bots did an amazing job, thanks for helping us on tour"”
    Zucchero Tour manager, Raymond A.
  • “Excellent. Loving your service - girls have been fantastic.”
    John Nave (Tour Manager - Gipsy Kings)
  • “Dear Dr Dot, Thank you for setting up Therapists along the way of our tour. THAT was a huge help to Band/Crew to keep them feeling better and fit! Thank you! Brad ”
    Johnny Lang Tour manager Brad
  • “"Thank you so very much for your help Dot.  We really couldn't do the shows without you!"”
    Dream Theater tour manager Brad
  • “"You and your team ROCK!"”
    Fred, Maroon 5 Tour Manager
  • “"The band LOVES your Dot Bots, thank you so much Dr. Dot"”
    Matisyahu manager Jason


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