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Alice in Atlanta, GA + Birmingham, AL, USA

Massage Therapist

Practicing since 2003, I specialize in sports injury, conditioning and therapeutic, trigger point, and neuromuscular massage. I graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy 2003 and began working with corporate accounts such as Honeywell, Motorola, ESPN, bringing stress relief for employees in the office workplace. I joined medical support teams in national marathons and Ironman races for pre-event and post-event therapy treatments.

Since 2004 I have participated in many celebrity golf tournaments with professional athletes like Dick Butkus, Luis Gonzales, and performing artists like Alice Cooper and Robert Shields (of Shields & Yarnell). I have certifications in medical, orthopedic sports, and lymphatic drainage massage, that I incorporate into my sessions according to client needs.

I look forward to offer the best therapeutic massage integrated with a holistic approach to balance your complete wellness.

Being a guitar player myself, I understand the particular tensions on the muscles from performing. Long hours on the road and a demanding tour schedule takes a toll on the body. I am proud to be a part of the Dr Dot team, very grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful artists to keep them performing their best.


“Awesome massage, just what I needed!”
Gabe Saporta (Leader/singer - Cobra Starship)

“Good therapy for my arm!”
Neil Giraldo (Pat Benatar's band)

“Good massage!”
Mike Kroeger - Bassist (Nickelback) and Angela, his wife

“The best...the master!”
Steve Miller

“Omg...Stephanie and Aida were both awesome. Aida was especially fantastic! You're saving my life out here...thank you, Dot.”
Bryan Beller - Bassist for Steve Vai and Dethklok

“Excellent touch...healing hands ...put me in a trance.”
Jeff Pilson - Bass (Foreigner)

“Really good deep and detailed technique.”
Lorenzo - Sound Tech (Foreigner, Black Sabbath)

“Best Dot therapist, recommend highly.”
Mark "The Knife" Faje (daredevil juggler for Most Interesting Show in the World)

“Very very good massage, really worked my problem areas, awesome!”
Pat Monahan (singer of Train)

“Magic touch…you fixed me!”
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Johnny Middleton (bass), Anna Phoebe (violin), James Lewis (vocals), Bryan Hicks (narrator)

Aida and Steve Miller Kevin Cronin and Aida Aida and Gregg Allman Aida and Sick Puppies



  • “Hi Dot! Yared enjoyed the massage very much! Talked about it all evening. Thank you again and I will contact you for any artist I will work with Best, Tom ”
    Yared Dibaba Tour manager Tom C.
  • “"Thank you so much. The band was very happy and it was great to have someone show up with such short notice." ”
    Odd Future manager
  • “"Hey Dot, All your "bots" we're great. No complaints, and a few were LOVED. JONNY particularly liked the girl in Thackerville OK (Kourtnii), she was strong enough to really reach Jon's tough back issues"”
    Experience Hendrix Tour Manger, Greg
  • “Dr. DOT is the best. She has this ability to relate to everyone somehow and is so passionate about massage, what other boss do you know comes out and does massage, obviously she only hires the best.”
    Jeremy (Bassist of Paramore)
  • “Dr. Dot is a life saver on tour.”
    Rikki Rockett - Drummer of Poison
  • “Clay Hutson Production Manager, Stage Manager, Rigger, Monitor Engineer & More! I have been using Dr. Dots "DotBots" for years. Her girls have seen many of the artists and crew that I have TM/PM'd for. Her girls are always on time, friendly, and professional. You need to make time and room on your tour for Dr. Dot's services. By far the best in the business.”
    Clay Hutson Production Manager (Guns and Roses, Alice in Chains, Staind)
  • “"I am very familiar with the Dr. Her team is awesome"”
    Steve Vai Tour Manager Warren
  • “"Very pleased with the service, cheers Dot"”
    Overtones Tour manager
  • “"Sheila in Detroit yesterday was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"”
    Harry Connick Jr. Tour Manager
  • “Dear Dr Dot, Thank you for setting up Therapists along the way of our tour. THAT was a huge help to Band/Crew to keep them feeling better and fit! Thank you! Brad ”
    Johnny Lang Tour manager Brad
  • “I love using your Dot Bots they are always so professional and provide excellent service regardless of the city or continent! They always make my clients very happy and at the end of the day that's all that matters!”
    Clay - Tour Manager (Staind) and Guns n' Roses Monitor Engineer
  • “Sheila E. is in love with your service. ”
    Joey F. Production manager Dave Koz Christmas tour
  • “"We were absolutely delighted with your service- very many thanks. Cheers Simon"”
    Perfume (Japanese Band)
  • “We love Dr. Dot and her entire team. It's so nice to know that we can get a massage in any city! Traveling can be uncomfortable and her team really helps us out on the road. I would hate to tour without them!”
    Erin - Tour Manager (Pat Benatar)
  • “ "The bots this tour have all been awesome and made everyone have a better time." Sam”
    Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zero's
  • “"Thanks for sorting today. Dan ( Dan Haggis (drums, percussion, keyboard and backing vocals) said it was one of the best massage's he's ever had. S." ”
    Wombats Manager
  • “Thank you for always being able to get people here quickly. It has been a big help.”
    Matthew - Production Coordinator (Lady Gaga)
  • “"Thank you so very much for your help Dot.  We really couldn't do the shows without you!"”
    Dream Theater tour manager Brad
  • “"Thanks for the prompt service. Amy (Miami) was great!"”
    Paul C. (Tour manager of the Hives)
  • “"I have always used her people and they are great. Simon"”
    Simon S., Roger Waters Tour Manager
  • “I only and will only use DOT BOTS!”
    Sid Wilson (Slipknot)
  • “"Both Kaya and Skye did a great job for us. We love your team, please send more Dot Bots asap"”
    Experience Hendrix Tour
  • “Hi Dot, FYI Danielle in Salt Lake City was amazing, she worked on my whole crew and band and everyone loved her. Thanks again Tony ”
    Tony, TM: Victoria Justice / Cobra
  • “Thanks. We've had a lot of the Dr. Dot's on various stops on the recent Staind tour. Thanks for the therapy!”
    Brian Wolk
  • “"Heather (Seattle) was awesome...Pain is down from a 9 to about a 2 or 3. By far, one of the best massages I have ever gotten. As usual, you and your Bots rock!"”
    Van Halen Tour Management Mike. M
  • “Thank you for your service and follow up”
    Diana Krall TM Maria
  • “The Dot Bots are awesome. I send one email and one magically appears no matter where we are in the country.”
    Demun - Singer of Rehab
  • “"Thanks Dr. Dot! You're the best!"”
    Rancid tour manager Cris
  • “"All was great, thanks so much"”
    The Cult tour manager, Tony
  • “"My tour manager wanted me to tell you Leslie was great. Very professional. He has never had an hour massage or someone come to his room. It was a nice treat for him and he doesn't have FB or Twitter but wanted me to tell you how professional your company was. The Wailers will be using you exclusively"”
    The Wailers PA Michele V.


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